BJ Medical college Medicos organise DJ party on campus, Health minister orders probe

Ahmedabad: After a live music concert and a DJ party was organized within the campus of Ahmedabad civil hospital by the BJ Medical College students, the event has been criticised by the health minister who has now ordered a probe into the incident. 

India Today reports that the event was organized by the resident doctors of the medical college in the silent zone of the Civil Hospital as part of their college fest late at night. A video of the party went viral following which the Health Minister ordered a probe into the incident. 

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Dr Kalpesh Shah, Dean of the Medical College told Ahmedabad Mirror that the DJ party was organized on Wednesday night as part of the annual four-day college fest in the college campus, which is a part of the civil hospital. 

“There had been no annual fest of our college for the past two years due to Covid. We had also been working very hard in the pandemic and so, we decided to have the fest this year to lighten the burden,” one junior resident doctor said.

He added that the party was organized within the premises of the college campus, but since the hospital and college fell inside the same campus, noise could be heard in the hospital as well. However, he stated that they had taken permission from the hospital authorities. “The party was organized in the college campus, but due to the whole campus being one, permission was also taken from the hospital,” he added.

The hospital which is spread over 28 acres of land falls under the silence zone. Since the event did not take place in the last two years due to Covid, the students’ union request to hold the fest this year was accepted as the situation was becoming normal. The event had been going on for three days, with the concluding fest on the third day. 

Dr. Shah added, “Till Thursday afternoon, not a single patient from the civil hospital or their relatives have complained about the annual fest disturbing them or noise pollution giving them sleepless nights,”

The dean said that the event was organized after taking due permission from the city police and the fire brigade, reasoning that it did not violate any norms or regulations. 

The hospital administration added that the patients did not make any complaint regarding the incident, as per the India Today report. 

The health minister, Rushikesh Patel said, “I had heard about the event to be organised in the campus, then too I had warned the B J Medical college administration and suggested them not to organise it in the campus, yet the event was organised. It is painful, an inquiry will be conducted. How such events were allowed in silence zone.”

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