New Delhi: Through a recent letter to the various Principal Secretary/Secretary (Health)/Commissioner AYUSH of all States/ UTs, the Ayush Ministry has informed about the: Comprehensive Revised Guidelines for Central Government Nomination (CGN) to MD (Ayurveda/Unani/Siddha and Homoeopathy)Courses for the session 2022-23.

“As you are aware that to meet the resurgence of interest in Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani & Homoeopathy (ASU&H) medicines in India & abroad and also in pursuance of the 55th Report of the Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Demand for Grants, few seats in ASU&H PG/MD courses are reserved under ‘Central Pool’ in few donor institutes of the country for the students/candidates of the States/UTs, where the colleges of the respective system/speciality is not available, for studying Post Graduate (PG) Courses. The same is in implementation through existing PG/MD Scheme Guidelines (A.Y.2021-22) bearing F.No.Y.11030/8/2021-EPIII dated 28.9.2021 for Central Government Nomination (CGN),” the letter stated.

“In this regard, I am directed to state that the above mentioned PG Guidelines have been reviewed by this Ministry and it has accordingly been decided that in super session of all previous guidelines on the subject, the following Comprehensive Revised Guidelines for Central Government Nomination (CGN) to MD (Ayurveda/Unani/Siddha and Homoeopathy) Courses shall take effect from the academic session 2022-23,” the ministry added.

For the purpose of this Scheme Guidelines, the meaning of the following words is as under:

a. Deficient State/UT – means the State/UT in which, no Government-run college of the respective system/speciality of MD/PG courses for study is existed (Government-run medical institute/institution – means institutes/institution run either by State/UT Government or Central Government).

b. Eligible candidates – means nominated candidates belonging to deficient States/UTs, who are employees of any Govt.-run medical institutions of deficient State/UT, The emoluments of these candidates would be borne during the study period of the course by the concerned sponsoring deficient State/UT Govt. as per their existing rules in this  regard and not by any donor institute or by this Ministry. Only sponsored candidates will be eligible.

c. Donor Institutes – means in which institutes seats under ‘Central Pool’ are reserved for Central Govt. Nomination (CGN) of candidates.

2.1 Eligible candidates i.e. Teachers/Medical Officers (Doctors),Researchers (Research Officers) are to be recommended/nominated by the deficient State/UT Governments for nomination as Central Government Nominees (CGN) for admission in M.D/PG Courses against the seats earmarked under ‘Central Pool’ by the donor institutes/colleges as Government of India’s nominees

2.2 While making recommendation/nomination against Government of India’s Nominees; preference will be given to regular teaching staff with 3 years’ regular service of any Government-run medical institution. If no eligible teaching staff with 3 years’ regular service of State Government-run medical institution is available for nomination, Medical Officers(M.Os) and Research Officers (R.Os) working on regular basis and have rendered 3 years’ regular service in the Government will be nominated as Government

of India nominees. However, only one eligible ‘Research Officer (R.O)’ would be nominated by this Ministry in each stream per year (academic session) for admission in MD/PG Course under this Scheme (i.e Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) against reserved seats under Central Pool.

If neither a Teacher nor a Medical Officer or a Research Officer working in the Government is available for nomination; the vacant seats under ‘Central pool’ in donor institutions will continue to be filled by All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test (AIAPGET) qualified eligible candidate through All India Quota (AIQ)-PG counselling conducted by Ayush Admission Central Counselling Committee (AACCC). Further, the approved AACCC PG counselling scheme/rules/norms is applicable to the candidates allotted seats through AACCC PG counselling.

2.3 The Government Teachers/Medical Officers (Doctors)/Research Officers shall not be subjected to the above entrance test (AIAPGET).

2.4 No sponsored candidate will be paid any emoluments by the donor institution or by this Ministry during such study period. Payment of any remuneration in this regard is the responsibility/liability of the recommending/sponsoring deficient State/UT Govt. concerned as per their existing rules in this regard. While recommending/sponsoring the nomination of the in-service applicant, the concerned deficient State/U.T.Govt. will have to certify the deficiency in the concerned discipline (speciality) in their State/UT. The concerned deficient State Govt. /UT shall also give an undertaking in this regard and also provide a certificate that the nominated candidate in the event of his/her selection shall be released from his/her duty at the time of commencement of the academic session.

3. Details of donor institutes and seats made available in this Scheme under ‘Central Pool’ for Central Govt. Nomination(CGN) to MD/PG courses have been listed out in enclosed Annexure-I.

4. In addition to the above, for sponsoring/nominating candidates against the Central Pool, all the deficient State/UT Governments may also follow the below mentioned provisions:- 

4.1 All the deficient State/UT Governments are requested to take stepsto nominate/sponsor their eligible candidates in time.

4.2 While nominating/sponsoring the candidates, the deficient State Governments and Union Territory Administrations are required to give priority to the regular teaching staff with 3 years’ service in Government-run medical institutions. In case, no teaching staff of Government-run medical institution is available for sponsoring/nominating, Medical Officer and Research Officers working on a regular basis for 3 years in Government may be sponsored/nominated. Further, following points may also be kept in mind while nominating/sponsoring candidates:-

a. The deficient State Governments and the Union Territory Administrations may invariably inform their nominating/sponsoring candidate(s) that once his/their candidature(s) is/are recommended to this Ministry for CG Nomination under ‘Central Pool’, he/they should not be allowed to withdraw his/their nomination under any circumstances. In case, any nominated candidate (CG Nominee) is still compelled to withdraw his/her nomination for admission as CG Nominee, he/she would be barred at least for 2 years from future nomination as CG Nominee (CGN).

b. Similarly, the deficient State Governments and the Union Territory Administrations may invariably inform their nominating/sponsoring candidate(s) that once the nominated/sponsored candidate is nominated by this Ministry as Central Government Nominee (CGN) at his/her preferred Institute with preferred subject, he/she is not permitted to change his/her nominated institute/subject on personal ground.

c. Further, the nominating/sponsoring deficient State/UT Govts. need to issue required relieving order in time and also to provide required deficiency certificate etc. early in respect of their nominees for Central Govt. Nomination (CGN) against ‘Central Pool’ to facilitate their admission in time in respective donor institutions. Deficient State/UT Govts. are to nominate/sponsor only the name(s)/candidature(s) of such number of their official(s), whom they would be able to relieve immediately on their final selection/nomination by this Ministry as ‘Central Govt. Nominee (CGN)’. Any delaying practice in issuing the relieving order or providing deficiency certificate to Central Gov. Nominees (CGN) would jeopardize the very purpose of this Scheme

4.3 Applications of sponsored/in-service Government Teachers/Medical Officers-Doctors/Research Officers may only be forwarded by the deficient State/UT Govts. to this Ministry. The forwarding letter should be addressed to the Secretary, Ministry of Ayush and should reach this Ministry latest by 25th November, 2022 except for North Eastern States. The last date for receiving of application of CG nomination from North Eastern States for the academic year 2022-23 will however be 10 th December 2022. Applications received after the closing dates are liable to be rejected.

4.4 Applications of sponsored/in-service Government Teachers/Medical Officers (Doctors)/ Research Officers shall only be scrutinized by this Ministry keeping in view their seniority, subject of teaching etc. and also date of birth(D.O.B), if necessary, while nominating them as Government of India’s Nominees (CGNs). The Central Govt. reserved seats of MD/PG courses under ‘Central Pool’ in the donor institutions should be allotted to the Central Government Nominees (CGNs) by the respective donor institute strictly on the basis of the seniority and choice of institute/subject opted by the Central Govt. Nominees (CGN) and also on availability of seat in the institution.

4.5 All the applications of in-service sponsored candidates may be sent simultaneously and not separately in the enclosed proforma (Annexure-II) duly filled in within the above stipulated date(s). Incomplete application will be rejected and no further correspondence in this regard shall be entertained.

4.6 It may also be certified by the deficient State/UT Government that the specialities for which the sponsored/nominated candidate has applied for does not exist in any Govt. Institute/College in their State/UT. It should also invariably be mentioned in the recommendation letter that the approval of State Health Secretary has been obtained in respect of all the sponsored in-service applicants.

4.7 The Government Teachers/M.O (Doctors)/Research Officers(R.Os) having rendered minimum three(3) years’ regular service as on 1st June of concerned academic year may only be recommended for Central Government Nomination(CGN). While there is no maximum age limit for nominations, it is required to be ensured that only such Government employees, whether a Teacher or a Medical Officer or a Research Officer, are nominated who shall be able to serve the Government for at least 05(five) years after completion of the MD/PG course under this Scheme.

5 . After admission process of sponsored candidates in the CGN quota, the information regarding vacant seats, if any, shall be forwarded to AACCC ( for further necessary action. AACCC will fill up the remaining vacant seats earmarked for Central Government Nominee(CGN) only after getting the direction of this Ministry. The AACCC, will apply reservation roster on the remaining vacant seats as per central reservation policy/norms.

6. The Medical Colleges/Institutions (donor institutions), mentioned i n Annexure-I, are required to conform to the requirements of the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine Act, 2020 and to The National Commission for Homoeopathy Act, 2020, as amended from time to time, and the regulations of the said commissions. The candidate who applies for being nominated/sponsored by deficient State/UT must be informed upfront in writing that his/her actual admission in the college/institution or the course concerned shall depend upon and be subject to the college/institution concerned having received the requisite permission for the MD/PG courses offered for that relevant academic year including this year 2022-23.

7. The above instructions and guidelines shall remain valid for subsequent academic years unless modified or amended.

8. This issues with the approval of the competent authority

Copy for information & necessary action to:-

1. The Officer (I/C) of the website of NIC, M/o. AYUSH for its display on the website of this Ministry (

2. The Director, Dte of ISM&H/Health of all the States/UTs.

3. The Director, National Institute of Homoeopathy, Block-GE, Sector-III, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700106, West Bengal

4. The Director, ITRA, Jamnagar, Gujarat.

5. Director cum VC I/C National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

6. The Director, National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore, Karnataka.

7. The Principal, Govt. Ayurveda, College, Guwahati, Assam.

8. The Principal, Govt. Nizamia Tibbia College, Hyderabad, Telangana

9. The Principal, Govt. Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai, Tamil Nadu.

10. AACCC, Ministry of Ayush (

11. The Registrars of :

a. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, AP.

b. Guwahati University, Guwahati, Assam.

c. Rajiv Gandhi Health Sciences University, Bangalore, Karnataka.

d. MGR Medical University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

e. W. B. University of Health Sciences, DD-36, Sector-I, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700064. 



Name of the Institutions (donor institutes)

Seats reserved under Central Pool for States/UTs where no MD/PG facilities are available

Ayurveda – 19 Seats


ITRA, Jamnagar.

3 (Three) 


National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur. 

14 (Fourteen)


Govt. Ayurveda College, Guwahati



1 (one)

1 (one)

   Unani – 7 Seats 


Govt. Nizamia Tibbi College, Hyderabad. Advia

3 (three)


National Institute of Unani Medicine, Bangalore


Siddha – 3 Seats


Govt. Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai

a) Maruthuvam

b) Noinadal

c) Kulanthai/Maruthuvam

3 (three)

Homoeopathy – 6 seats (introduced from the session 2014-15)


National Institute of Homoeopathy,


West Bengal 



{For government teachers/medical officers (doctors) & research officers who have rendered 3 years regular service in any government-run medical institution} 

Application to be forwarded by the State/UT Govts.


Name of the applicant (in capital letters only)


Address, e-mail ID & Telephone No. for communication


 Date of Birth 


Age as on 1st June (of concerned academic year)


Date of retirement & period of service to be remained after completion of the MD course as CG Nominee.


Name of College/University from which degree has been obtained along with year of passing


Overall percentage of marks obtained in Degree course


Whether Government Teacher/Lecturer or Medical Officer (Doctor) or Research Officer?

a) Mention the address of the Govt.Office/Organization

b) If teacher/lecturer then subject of teaching

c) Date of joining in Govt. Service (regular service only) &

d) Place of present posting with full address


Category – Whether SC/ ST/OBC or General


Institutions opted by the Candidate (in order of preference, to be treated as final)


Subjects opted by the Candidate (in order of preference, to be treated as final)


A Certificate from the State Government to the effect that:-

“The nominated candidate would be relieved immediately at the time of commencement of the academic session.”

(Submission of this certificate in the part of the State Govt. is obligatory). 

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