NMC orders crackdown on referral fee, commissions, and online procurement of patients

With the recent release of its draft of The National Medical Commission (NMC) Professional Conduct Guidelines, the apex medical regulator has sought to issue a crackdown on the rampant practice of unethical referrals to other medical practitioners as well as diagnostic laboratories in exchange for a sum or a percentage of their fee also known as a “referral” or a “cut”

While the previous Medical Council of India ( MCI) Code of Ethics also categorized the practice of referrals as “unethical” , the NMC in its draft has linked this unethical pracitce to a quantum of punishment that can range from a 1-month suspension to a 3-month suspension.

For more details, check out the full story on the link below:   

NMC Orders Crackdown On Referral Fee, Commissions, And Online Procurement Of Patients

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