Scientists at Swansea University developing a platform that would use Artificial Intelligence to speed up the process of detecting biomarkers in biofluids have shown that the concept could work. It would mean faster test results for health conditions such as cardiovascular disorders, joint quality, and Alzheimer’s.

This new diagnostic tool could revolutionise the healthcare sector due to the application of a form of artificial intelligence (AI) – machine learning (ML). The implementation of ML has meant it is possible, for the first time, for results to be delivered within minutes.

Biofluids such as synovial fluid, blood plasma, and saliva contain proteins that are an important biomarker for the diagnosis of several health conditions. The specially designed platform has been programmed to detect the concentration of these proteins to assist in diagnosis and monitoring disease progression.


Francesco Del Giudice and Claire Barnes

Analytical Chemistry 2022 94 (8), 3617-3628

DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.1c05208

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