Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Health Department has suspended a government doctor who allegedly took an unauthorised absence and allowed his son, a house surgeon, to screen patients and launched an enquiry. 

The incident occurred at Kavundapadi Government Hospital in Erode district on June 19.

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Joint Director, Health Services, Dr G.S. Gomathi issued suspension orders to Chief Civil Surgeon, Dr T. Dhinakar.

The Health Department has commenced a probe on charges that Dr Dhinakar’s son, Ashwin who has completed MBBS but is undergoing house surgeoncy at Bhavani Government Hospital, treated patients. 

A complaint to this effect was received from Murugesan of Kavundapadi, who reached the hospital on June 19 with a complaint of stomach pain and was given medicines by Ashwin. The patient and his family came to understand from other patients and their attendants that Dhinakar was on leave and that his son was treating patients.

Following the complaint, the Health Department questioned patients and their attendants and other hospital staff including paramedics, nurses, and doctors. It was found that Dhinakaran was on unauthorised absence and allowed his son to treat patients.

The Health Department has constituted a special team for probing whether such incidents are taking place in other government hospitals in the state.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier published that the managing director of Ellen hospital, his close associate and three other persons have been arrested by the CB-CID police who were accused of ransacking the Chennai Hospital which is located on Sathyamangalam Road in the city on December 4, 2020.

The Crime Branch -CID police, Coimbatore city, subsequently filed a petition before the chief judicial magistrate (CJM) court to take the accused under police custody.

The four accused were arrested for forcibly sending out inpatients and staff members of Chennai Hospital in Coimbatore and ransacking the hospital.

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