Days after a 32-year-old dengue patient passed away after his family alleged that he was transfused with sweet lime juice instead of plasma at the Global Hospital in Prayagraj, a senior government official has revealed that the patient was given poorly preserved platelets. The authorities have ordered the demolition of an illegally constructed private hospital.

Prayagraj District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar Khatri said that the three-member team probing the incident have found that the patient was given a packet of “poorly preserved” platelets and not sweet lime juice. He said, “The panel has submitted its report. It found that there was negligence in the treatment of the dengue patient. The inquiry also found that the platelets transfused to the patient were poorly preserved and that led to his death.” adding, “We are taking action based on this information.”

For more details, check out the link given below:

‘Poorly Preserved Platelets, Not Sweet Lime Juice’ Transfused To Dengue Patient Says Panel; Prayagraj Hospital To Be Demolished

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