Firozabad: A series of pictures have gone viral on social media showing a doctor performing surgery on a seriously ill patient under a torchlight during a power outage at Firozabad Medical College. 

Due to the power outage and no backup generator at the hospital, the doctor was forced to operate on the patient since the patient was in critical condition and needed immediate surgery.  

Conducting the operation in a risky environment at the hospital’s trauma centre, concerns regarding hygiene during the procedure also arise. Performing medical procedures without maintaining basic hygiene can be considered medical negligence.

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It was reported that the power was gone for nearly 30 minutes, and the hospital has no generator. The Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) said that the hospital power supply had some significant fault which was fixed later, Times Now reports.

“Thankfully, no untoward incident occurred when doctors conducted the surgery at the operation theatres,” said CMS.

The viral pictures on social media also showed that the patients suffered a lot due to the power outage at the hospital. During that time, no machines were functioning causing inconvenience to the patients.

Medical dialogues team had earlier reported a similar incident where a video of a doctor treating a patient at a district hospital while using a cellphone flashlight had gone viral on social media ,and the district administration in Uttar Pradesh ordered an investigation.

The video is said to have been made on September 10. Video clips showing a doctor examining a woman patient on a stretcher and other people crowding around have gone viral on social media. In the viral video, a doctor was seen examining a woman patient with her mobile’s torchlight.

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