Gorakhpur: In another instance of violence against doctors, the doctors belonging to BRD Medical College and Hospital in Gorakhpur were recently beaten up by the kin of a patient admitted for treatment. As a result of this, six doctors have sustained serious injuries.

Protesting against this, the junior doctors belonging to the hospital lodged a complaint against the attendants of the patient and initiated a strike. Following this, the police registered a case of assault and attempt to murder against six people including the attendants. 

Jagran adds that the police have already made the home guard an accused and two people including the home guard have been taken into police custody. The probe is underway and meanwhile, the junior doctors have called off the strike.

While the doctors have accused the attendants of the patient, they family of the patient have accused the doctors in return for creating a ruckus.

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As per the latest media report by Jagran, the matter concerned a 55-year-old patient hailing from Bhiswa of Pipraich. After facing an attack, he had been admitted to the medical college. The argument began over the condition of the patient and it led to a scuffle. The family of the patient alleged that around dozen doctors beat up the patient’s relatives with sticks and as a result the patient’s brother-in-law allegedly received serious head injury. After this, a home guard reportedly rescued them, closed the iron gate in the ward’s gallery.

However, the doctors have claimed that the attendants of the patient beat up the junior doctors and as a result six junior doctors sustained injuries. Lodging a complaint, the Head of the Department of Medicine Dr. Mahim Mittal has also stated that the patient was undergoing treatment and the junior doctors were taking medical history.

At that time, the relatives of the patient were asking about the patient’s condition repeatedly and allegedly creating hindrance in the government work. During this time, they allegedly beat up the on-duty Dr. Sushant, Dr. Rohit Sharma. They also bit Dr. ABrar with his tooth. Following this when Dr. Vishnu Dubey, Dr. Asim Yadav and Dr. Afroz Nayar came to their rescue they had also been beaten up.

On the basis of the complaint of Dr. Mahim Mittal, the police have booked several people including the home guard under half a dozen sections including obstruction, attempt to murder, assault

Meanwhile, sharing the news on its Twitter handle, the Federation of Resident Doctors Association (FORDA) has mentioned in a Tweet, “Another incident-to be followed by another upheaval-another investigation-another period of silence-only to be repeated all over again. Doctors or punching bags? Rather,why not a doctors protection act!”

प्रकरण के संबंध में थाना गुलरिहा पर मु0अ0सं0 653/2022 पंजीकृत कर 02 अभियुक्तों को गिरफ्तार किया जा चुका है । अन्य अभियुक्तों के गिरफ्तारी के प्रयास किए जा रहे है ।

— Gorakhpur Police (@gorakhpurpolice) October 28, 2022

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