Yashoda hospital gets Artificial Intelligence integrated PET-CT Scan

Hyderabad: In a move to develop the healthcare infrastructure in the state, Health Minister T Harish Rao has launched an AI-integrated PET/CT scan at Yashoda hospital, Malakpet. 

At the current time, AI, whether in the form of traditional machine learning, or the more recent deep learning, other types of learning, has been demonstrated to successfully detect and characterise areas of pathology, accurately segment areas of pathology or organs, synthesize presented information to make a diagnosis, label types and locations of pathology and anatomy, reduce quantum noise in images, and even reconstruct cross-sectional images from multiple views (or projections) around the patient.

CT scan exposes patients to higher doses of radiation than other methods. It carries increased cancer risk for all patients, particularly those in higher-risk categories such as pediatric, obese or oncology patients who receive regular screening. Hence with the help of AI-based technology, the risk of cancer lowers in patients.

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Dr G S Rao, Managing Director of Yashoda Group of Hospitals, Dr Pavan Gorukanti, Director of Yashoda Group of Hospitals, and other senior hospital doctors were present.

The health system in the state has improved a lot providing personalized and proper healthcare services for each patient coming from any financial background.

A new OP block has also been inaugurated by the Minister at the hospital. While launching both, he said that 5240 MBBS seats will be added to the state government hospitals and 33 new medical colleges will be built soon. Currently, the state has 34 medical colleges.

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Telangana today reports, that a press release mentioned that the AI-powered PET/CT scan will go a long way in helping hospital oncologists in the early detection of cancers, as it is four times faster than old generations’ scanners due to advanced technology and it will provide the best quality images with reduced scanning duration and lesser radiation dose.

Artificially intelligent computer systems are used extensively in medical sciences. While computer systems often execute tasks more efficiently than humans, more recently, state-of-the-art computer algorithms have achieved accuracies which are at par with human experts in the field of medical sciences.

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